Best Things to Do in Verona With Kids

Best Things to Do in Verona With Kids

Museums and art galleries are great options for children to learn about the past. Visit the Portoni della Bra and Juliet's Tomb. Kids will be fascinated by the relics, mosaics, and paintings that were once displayed in the castle. During summer, the historic theatre is open to the public and is set up for performances. The Roman theatre is also a great place to bring the kids for an educational and fun day.

The Children's Museum offers fun ways to learn about the city's past. Featuring more than 20 interactive zones, kids will have a blast exploring the city's history and the fundamental forces of air and water. Another option is a trip to the towering Torre dei Lamberti, one of the oldest buildings in Verona. Construction on this tower started in 1172, but it wasn't fitted with bells for over 100 years! It has been damaged several times, but a lightning strike in 1408 saved it! Since then, it has been equipped with the famous octagonal bell chamber.

If you have a lot of time, you can go to the Arena for a performance. Tickets are usually priced at 10 Euros for adults, but children under 8 can go for free. For parents, you can take advantage of the Verona Card, which gives you discounts on several attractions. The Arena is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 1.30 p.m. to 7pm. Tickets cost EUR 10 for adults and EUR 1 for children between eight and fourteen years old.

The Arena di Verona offers free candles to guests. In the olden days, the stage was lit by candles, so it was important to have candles before the performances. If you have kids, you might want to take them to the city's largest square, Piazza Bra. Almost all visitors enter the city square through the Portoni della Bra, which is the ancient gates of Verona. Located under the gate is a small statue of William Shakespeare.

For families with kids, staying in Verona can be an inexpensive and fun option. Fortunately, the city is walkable, making it a perfect place for families. Whether you want to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, or relaxing, there's something for everyone. If you're traveling with a child, take the Verona Card with you to save money on tickets and attractions. You'll also enjoy the discounts that the card offers.

Ancient landmarks are a must see in Verona. The 1st century Roman Theater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the city's Roman Theater will enjoy the museum. It features many frescoes and mosaic floors from the early Christian period. And if your family is a history buff, the Archeological Museum is a must-visit. It's located in the historic center of the city and contains numerous ancient artifacts, including the Roman tomb of St. Agatha.

Another area worth visiting when traveling with kids is the Piazza dei Signori. This is the smaller, less well-known area of the city, where you'll find the annual Easter and Christmas markets. This area was once the center of the city's public institutions, including the city hall, and was once a busy street. Several palazzos are located here, including the Roman Forum and Romeo's House.