How to Stay on a Schedule on Vacation in Sicily

Traveling in Sicily can be a challenge. There are two main approaches to the island: either moving from one area to another or staying in a single location for the duration of your vacation. The former is more convenient, but it also involves multiple transfers and slow services. Depending on your travel plans, you might have to spend an extra day in one region to reach the other. Alternatively, you can take a bus or train from one part of the island to another, making the drive between places more affordable.

When traveling to Sicily, you should decide on the ideal time to visit. The peak summer period is the best time to visit the region, but be warned that the off-season may be cold. Certain businesses are only open during peak season, so plan your vacation in advance. It is best to avoid major cities in the middle of your trip, since you'll waste time if you're not planning your trip accordingly.

The next best option for traveling is to rent a car. If you're staying on the island, a car is a good idea. Public transport is erratic and often runs late, so renting a car is a smart option. If you'd like to explore the country's many towns and cities, consider renting a car. You'll find plenty of rental car companies in Sicily.