Top 5 Sites to See in Gran Canaria

The historic centre of Aguimes is one of the most beautiful sites in Gran Canaria. The buildings are made from stone and lime and are adorned with camel sculptures. It takes around 30 minutes to explore these caves. Another great sight in Gran Canaria is the Dunes of Maspalomas. You'll need a raincoat, but you can't miss them! They are 15 metres long and feature beautiful arid scenery.

The Caldera de Bandama is a volcanic basin located near the Tafira vineyards, about 20 minutes from the city. It is over 1000 meters wide and 200 metres deep, and the area has been preserved almost entirely. There are several hiking trails that lead around the caldera. You can also check out the Cueva Pintada Museum, one of the island's top archeological sites.

The Cueva Pintada Museum is situated in a large colonial palace and contains artifacts and architecture unique to the island. A local farmer found this cave in the late 19th century and created this museum there. Visitors can explore the natural pools and the ruins of old Spanish churches, as well as artifacts related to the Spanish Catholic religion. The Cueva Pintada Museum is an excellent place to spend a few hours.

Roque Nublo is one of Gran Canaria's most iconic sites. This volcanic rock stands over 260 feet above sea level. This is the third highest point on the island. The other two are Pico de las Nieves and Morro de la Agujereada. Those who wish to hike can choose the shorter route or take a bus. There's no shortage of things to do in Gran Canaria, so make sure you find some time to explore.

In the north of Gran Canaria, the town of Teror has a spectacular 18th-century basilica, dedicated to the island's patron saint. Teror is also one of the oldest towns in the Canaries, so visiting the church here is a great idea. In addition to exploring the Basilica of the Pine, you can enjoy the town's vibrant street market. The market, which is open daily, dates back over 200 years.

If you're visiting Gran Canaria for the first time, it's worth a visit to Puerto de Mogan, a traditional fishing village in the southwest region. The town has typical Spanish aesthetic, with bougainvillea draping over its whitewashed walls. This small town is often referred to as 'little Venice'. Be sure to visit the local market, sit by the harbour and take plenty of photographs!

Maspalomas dunes are a must-see sight when you visit Gran Canaria. These dunes are part of a nature reserve, so you can go on a camel ride or helicopter tour to see it up close. A visit to this site will take about a half-hour and will be sure to leave you enchanted by the unique beauty of the island. But be sure to keep an eye out for sharks and crocodiles as you explore the island's beautiful cliffs.